Søvnløs bar is an intimate, retro and modern bar located next to Døgnvill Burger on Vulkan. The bar started as a waiting bar for Døgnvill guests, but eventually became so cool it had to stand on its own. Today Søvnløs is both; a relaxing place to hang out either before or after dinner at Døgnvill, and also the perfect spot for socializing accompanied by delicious drinks, homemade snacks and your favorite music.

There is a wide selection of beverages on the menu – everything from draft beer and wine to taptails, floats, x-rated milkshakes and beer shakes. And non-alcoholic temptations, of course. Søvnløs has also surpassed himself with what we think can be classified as the best snacks Oslo has to offer; spicy pocorn glazed with sriracha-sauce, maple syrup glazed peanuts with bacon and our chefs sloppy joe nachos.